Современное искусство на английском языке. About art на английском с переводом

Современное искусство на английском языке. About art на английском с переводом 1

Topic ART (Топик на английском языке Искусство)

Some people claim that the world nowadays is too «materialistic». People sometimes fail to appreciate the beauty which surrounds us everywhere. They are too obsessed with, as they say, «real problems». Unfortunately, if you tell them to stop and look around, they’ll think you’re just laughing at them. «Can’t you see I’m busy? Staring at things can’t give me any money!» — will be the answer.

But all of us shouldn’t forget the human personality is a fivefold constitution (a body, a life, a mind, a psychic and a spiritual being).

None of these elements stands disconnected from the others. It’s good to climb a career ladder as fast as possible and become prosperous. But don’t forget about your soul — treat it to some art.

In my opinion art plays a great role in the development of the spiritual world of every human being. Art helps to see things from another point of view, it elevates the mind and soul, it helps to develop a good taste. I think it’s very important that talented artists manage to capture and represent such an intangible thing as the mood. Thus the beholder not only gets information about the subject matter of the canvas but also he is able to understand the artist’s attitude to it. And we should agree that a good painter should involve beholders into his creative process. T mean that while painting the artist just gives us some clues, hints better to understand his message but only a very careful art-lover will understand them completely.

People who would like to call themselves educated ought to know a lot about art. It’s all because art shows a person’s outlook. For instance, there are such genres in fine art as a ceremonial portrait or a historical painting. How can a person understand the artist’s message if he doesn’t even know what’s going on the canvas?

Besides historical paintings and portraits there are other genres of fine art such as a landscape, a genre painting, a still life, a religious painting, etc. Each genre usually has some special features (at least, it used to have, because nowadays modern art is developing and it really knows no bounds).

Let’s take a portrait. Though every portrait is distinct and individual, the center point of each is a face or a human figure. Other details are usually subordinated to it. In the background we can see absolutely different things — and it depends on the artist’s design whether the background is vague or it is clearly outlined. The likeness of the good portrait and the original is caught with a sure hand. Moreover, it’s important not only to convey the face features of the person but also to render a sense of his or her character. A good portrait can tell us the whole story of a person’s life!

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Переработка мусора на английском языке

... все сочинения без рекламы можно в нашем Чтобы вывести это сочинение введите команду /id57224 Сочинение на тему переработка мусора на английском 9 ... things. “Reduce, reuse, recycle” is a good rule for every person. Перевод на русский язык. Переработка мусора Все мы ... ближайшем будущем. Причины его разные: выбросы, неправильная утилизация отходов и так далее. Конечно, отдельному человеку трудно это ...

What are other things which make canvases so different? Certainly, the style of painting plays a great role. Suffice it to say that if we compare an ancient portrait with a portrait which belongs to the epoch of the Renaissance or to modern times, we’ll notice the difference at first sight. In the beginning people didn’t know anything about the rules of painting, about such things as perspective or the way how to convey volume. A great technical contribution was made into painting during the Renaissance, when each picture seemed to strive for perfection. New rules of painting were discovered and canvases became more realistic. Artists started to pay attention to the smallest detail, there was a wide-color scheme in their works, they managed to achieve vision in depth and to create an open-air feeling in the work.

It’s really impossible to mention all the styles of fine art as there are lots of them, but T’ll say some words about one. It’s Impressionism, one of my favourite.

As you can guess from the name «Impressionism», the main aim of the painters who work in this style is to capture and represent the first impression the scene has made on them. They view the scene broadly and that’s why they don’t tend to depict every detail. So, how do they manage to render volume and perspective?

It’s all because they invented a new technique and adopted a new palette. Firstly, they discovered that every color has a complementary one (e.g. violet for greenish-yellow).

They used them together and colors dazzled and dissolved in the eyes of beholders producing a wonderful effect. Then, they didn’t mix colors, instead they put down pure colors which at a distance fused and produced the effect desired. They didn’t use black color — only dark green, indigo or deep violet. Besides, impressionists usually used quick, vigorous brush strokes and rarely outlined the objects.

This technique was revolutionary. None had ever tried to do something like this before. That’s why at first people couldn’t understand Impressionism, their works of art were banned, other artists simply despised them. And now these canvases are the most expensive ones in the world.

In prehistoric times the first people used chalk to draw a bison or a deer in their caves. Little children try to draw everything they see around them. You see, people tend to be creative. It’s a wonderful way to express our own personality, a great way to distract from problems. And though some people will say it’s just a waste of time and it’s completely useless, it isn’t. Yes, probably not everyone is gifted enough to become a brilliant artist, but everyone possesses an ability to contemplate. Don’t let your soul be bored — open the world of Art for yourself, explore its mysteries, ask questions and search for answers, enjoy the masterpieces and, probably, create your own one!

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Концептуальное искусство

... а к интеллектуальному осмыслению увиденного. 1. История Концептуальное искусство и концептуальные художники 2. Примеры концептуального искусства 1953 — Роберт Раушенберг выставил «Стертый рисунок ... выставил «Одну минуту огненной живописи» («One Minute Fire Painting»), которая была голубой панелью, в которой было установлено 16 ... Виктор Дмитриевич Примечания Данный реферат составлен на основе .

Art is a way to show one’s emotions or communicate one’s thoughts. Art is an important part of people’s cultural life. There are different forms of art.

Painting, sculpture, photography

Painting is a practice of applying paint or color to a surface. There are a lot of genres and styles. For example, there are landscape, portrait and still life paintings. There are a lot of famous painters, such as Leonardo da Vinci with his Mona Lisa and Rafael with his Sistine Madonna.

Sculpture is one of the plastic arts. The process of work involves carving or modeling. Stone, clay or wood are the most typical materials.

Photography is also a form of art but is characterized by usage of various technical tools. Thanks to technological progress a photographer can create unforgettable images.

Theatre and cinema

Theatre is a form of art where a group of people performs in front of a live audience. The performance is usually based on a real or imagined event. The actors communicate this experience to the public through gestures, songs and words.

Cinema is a relatively new form of art. The action is performed on the screen. Today, cinema is a very popular leisure activity.

Music and architecture

Music has always been an important part of human’s life. Different genres of music can be used for relaxation, awakening, and what not. Everyone has heard about Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and other great composers.

Architectural works are often perceived as a form of art. Architecture is quite versatile. There are a lot of styles, shapes and trends. One can’t help admiring the Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi or the Winter Palace by Francesco Rastrelli.

Понятие искусства

Искусство – это способ передать свои эмоции или выразить свои мысли. Искусство является важной частью культурной жизни людей. Существуют разные формы искусства.

Живопись, скульптура, фотография

Живопись характеризуется нанесением краски или цвета на поверхность. В живописи есть много жанров и стилей. Например, пейзаж, портрет и натюрморт. Известны имена многих живописцев, среди которых Леонардо да Винчи с его картиной «Мона Лиза» и Рафаэль с его «Сикстинской Мадонной».

Скульптура относится к изящным искусствам. Процесс работы характеризуется резьбой или лепкой. Основными материалами являются камень, глина и дерево.

Фотография также относится к искусству, но характеризуется применением различных технических приспособлений. Благодаря технологическому прогрессу, фотограф может создавать незабываемые снимки.

Театри кино

Театр – это вид искусства, в котором группа людей выступает перед аудиторией. Представление, как правило, основано на реальных или выдуманных событиях. Актеры общаются с публикой с помощью жестов, песен и слов.

Кино – сравнительно молодой вид искусства. В нем действие происходит на экране. Сегодня кино является очень популярным видом досуга.

Музыка и архитектура

Музыка всегда была важной частью человеческой жизни. Различные жанры музыки используются для расслабления, пробуждения и многого другого. Каждый слышал о Людвиге ван Бетховене, Вольфганге Амадее Моцарте и других великих композиторах.

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Сообщение телевидение в моей жизни 10 предложений. Television ...

... Cause of our different tastes ПЕРЕВОД сочинения "телевидение в моей жизни" (TV in my life) поможет вам узнать смотреть телевизор ... sport and educational programs, films, plays, the arts, news, variety shows and many others. You ... a headquarters of the BBC World Service. Form this building the BBC broadcasts radio programmers ... like MTV is a music channel. 24 hours a day of music, can you believe it? ...

Архитектурные работы также являются предметом искусства. Архитектура крайне многообразна. В архитектуре существуют различные стили, формы и направления. Нельзя не любоваться Собором Святого Семейства Антонио Гауди или Зимним дворцом Франческо Растрелли.

The Arts play a large role in the expression of inner thoughts and beauty in my life. From dance and music to abstract art our concept of life is shown through the various ways in which we interpret it. We use the Arts as a means of touching that part of us that we cannot reach with Physical Science, Social Science, or any of the Humanities. The arts allow us to be as specific or as abstract as we please. It helps us become closer to ourselves and to others around us. Though there has been a lot of confusion as to what the true definition of “good art” is, how we show others what is going on in our minds and inner souls cannot be judged, graded, criticized or revised by anyone other than ourselves.

The arts play a valued role in creating cultures and developing and documenting civilizations. The arts teach us how to communicate through creative expression. Show us how to understand human experiences, past and present. Prepare us to adapt to and respect the ways others think, work, and express themselves. Music, singing, dancing, poetry, and sketching are just a few of the different forms of art that I use to express myself in a way that I enjoy.

Because each art discipline appeals to different senses and expresses itself through different media, each adds a special richness to the learning environment. Arts help people Learn to identify, appreciate, and participate in the traditional and non-traditional art forms of their own communities and the communities of others. Art teaches us how to be imaginative, creative, and reflective. Different art forms help us develop the verbal and nonverbal abilities necessary for lifelong learning. The intellectual demands of the arts help us develop problem-solving abilities and such powerful thinking skills as analyzing and evaluating. Numerous studies point toward a consistent and positive comparison between concrete education in the arts and student achievement in other subjects. A program in arts education would engage students in a process that helps them develop the self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, and self-motivation necessary for success in life. Most important, the arts should be experienced and studied for their own true value.

If art was not present in my life, I know that I would be missing so much. I would not be able to do the things that I love to do each day. The only way to express yourself is through art, and the presence of art in the lives of today’s society plays a big role. People listen to music every day, they dance, and sing. For many people’s art is a way of life, and without it they would be lost. Art is the only way to express one’s true feelings. Without art the world would be a dull and sad place. People would not be able to communicate in the same sense that art allows them to. Art shows people’s individualism. Without art wouldn’t we all be the same?

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Человек и интернет. Интернет: за и против (Школьные сочинения). ...

... за бесплатно…Вот так и живем. Топик (сочинение) по английскому языку на тему «Интернет в нашей жизни / The Internet in our lives» Lately computers have filled our life. ... education, or work but also for entertainment. Nowadays people communicate with each other, using the internet, ... data about everything: science, history, psychology, sports, fashion, music, cooking and many other subjects. We can ...

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The variety of arts is unlimited. What do you prefer: cinema, theatre, painting, music? Why?

Art is defined in encyclopedias as the process and result of making material works, which reflect beauty or reality. The «creative arts» denote a number of disciplines whose purpose is to create material things which reflect a message, mood, and symbols for the viewer to interpret.

Art includes various forms such as prose writing, poetry, dance, acting, sculpture, painting, music, etc. The term «arts» often means «fine arts» — painting, sculpture, drawing, engraving. Installation art, furniture, industrial design, graphic design and others are included in applied arts. There are a variety of arts, including visual arts and design, decorative arts, plastic arts, and the performing arts. Artistic expression may take many forms: painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, music and architecture. New forms include photography, film, video art, conceptual art, performance art, land art, fashion, comics, computer art. Within each form, a wide range of genres may exist.

Of all the forms of art, I prefer painting and music. I am really interested in painting for several reasons. Firstly, it is one of the oldest forms of art. Humans have been painting for about 6 times as long as they have been writing. The oldest painting found is over 32,000 years old. Painting is a form of art which is believed by many to express feelings and ideas in the visual form. Using visual images — colours, light and shade, forms and shape, a painter makes us understand his concept of life, share his feelings and enjoy the beauty of the world. Secondly, painting offers you a wide choice of styles, it allows us to be as specific or abstract as we please. From the wide range of various art schools and styles (realism, impressionism, cubism, fauvism, surrealism, modernism, pop art, etc.) you can choose one to your liking. The art schools I prefer are realism and impressionism, as I think they depict form and mood in the most distinct and vivid way.

The second form of art I am really keen on is music. The term «music» is difficult to define. It can be explained, for example, as the art of making pleasing combinations of sounds in rhythm, harmony and counterpoint. The music that composers make can be heard through several media; the most traditional way is to hear it live, in the presence of performers. Live music can also be broadcast over the radio, television or the internet. Firstly, music helps me relax and relieve stress. When I listen to music, classical, jazz, rap or any other type of music I enjoy, I forget about the troubles of everyday life; music provides an escape from everyday problems. Stress melts away as I am taken in by the beauty of the music. It can help me feel calm and deeply relaxed. Secondly, music affects my emotions. Each type of music sets distinct mood and changes mine. In doing so, it appeals both to my mind and to the subconscious. Whether I am feeling sad, frustrated or confused, I listen to merry or tender music, and my mood shifts.

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Что такое сюита. Методическое сообщение : «Жанр сюиты в инструментальной ...

... Сюита в русской музыке XX века Очерк 8. Эволюция сюитного творчества Д.Д. Шостаковича Очерк 9. Инструментальные, камерно-вокальные и хоровые сюиты Г.В. Свиридова Введение диссертации (часть автореферата) на тему «Сюита: ... Синхронизация выполнена 11.07.11 10:29:23 Похожие рефераты: Шехеразада (сюита) , Глава 1. Клавирные сюиты И.С. Баха: к проблеме жанрового архетипа Глава 2. Сюита XIX века Очерк 1. « ...

There are many divisions and groupings of music. Among the larger genres are classical music, popular music or commercial music, country music and folk music. Classical music is sophisticated and refined, but it is a universal form of communication, it historically was the music of the upper strata of society. Popular music is music belonging to any of a number of musical styles that are accessible to the general public; it is mostly distributed commercially. It is sometimes abbreviated to pop music, although pop music is more often used for a narrower branch of popular music. Pop music is usually memorable, with voices, lyrics, instruments creating catchy tunes. Pop music attracts listeners through easy sound images.

Translate the following sentences into English.

1. Из всего безграничного многообразия видов искусства я предпочитаю живопись и музыку.

2. Искусство пользуется популярностью у многих людей, поскольку оно отражает красоту мира.

3. Изобразительные искусства включают живопись, рисунок, гравюру, скульптуру и ряд прикладных видов искусства, таких как инсталляция, промышленный дизайн, графический дизайн и т. д.

4. Художественное выражение принимает традиционные формы, такие как живопись, скульптура, музыка и архитектура, а также ряд новых форм, таких как фотография, видеоисскусство, концептуальное искусство, ландшафтный дизайн и т. д.

5. Зрительные образы, которые использует художник, такие как цвет, свет, тень, форма, выражают его видение жизни.

6. Важнейшими элементами музыки являются звуки, ритм, гармония и контрапункт.

7. Музыка включает множество жанров (разновидностей), таких как популярная, или коммерческая музыка, музыка кантри, классическая музыка.

8. Классическая музыка раньше была музыкой высших слоев общества, популярная музыка доступна широкой аудитории.

1. Of the unlimited variety of arts, I prefer painting and music.

2. Art is popular with many people because it reflects beauty or reality.

3. Fine arts include painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture, and a number of applied arts like installation art, industrial design, graphic design, and so on.

4. Artistic expression takes traditional forms like painting, sculpture, music and architecture, and a number of new forms, such as photography, video art, conceptual art, land art and so on.

5. Visual images used by the painter, such as colours, light, shade, shape express his concept of life.

6. The most important elements of music are sounds, rhythm, harmony and counterpoint.

7. Music includes many genres, such as popular music, or commercial music, country music, classical music.

8. Classical music used to be the music of the upper strata of society, popular music is accessible to general public.

Part one. English examination topics. Forms

Когда вы рисовали что-нибудь? Умеете ли вы разглядеть необычное в обычном и наоборот? А как у вас дела с воображением в принципе? Говорят, с теми, у кого оно бурное не соскучишься. Мы находим красоту вокруг нас и восхищаемся ею, делимся с другими и расчитываем на совпадение мнения с нашим и расстраиваемся, когда этого не происходит. Как бы то ни было, а все виды искусств служат величайшему из них — искусству жить на земле. What kind of artist are you?

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Особенности музыки как вида искусства

... постоянно. Богослужение сопровождало человека всю жизнь, питало его духовно и вместе с тем воспитывало и образовывало. А ведь богослужение - это в основе своей слово и музыка. С календарными ... рождается и музыка как самостоятельный вид искусства. В мифах различных народов зафиксировано представление о музыке как о могучей силе, способной влиять на природу, исцелять человека от болезней и ...

Essay on About art

It does make sense, to start with that modern people, in general, are fond of grumbling. According to their point of view, life seems to be too complicated and unbearable. However, they always know better, how to make it easier. That»s one of the main reasons, why school subjects are currently under debates. Many people reckon, that, for instance, subjects connected with art are of very little use today. That»s why it»s jolly urgent to pay our attention to this curious topic in order to indicate all advantages and drawbacks of art subjects.

To agree with the statement, I»d like to emphasize, that in our daily life art knowledge is not so demanded and needed. Actually, we are able to live well without art and be quite satisfied with ourselves. In addition, people could say that not everyone has some outstanding skills or natural talent to sing or dance, thus such people would always be worse than others. Bottom line, it will influence their self-respect. And that doesn»t sound cool at all. Nonetheless, it is believed, that it is of vital importance to be aware of music and art history. People suppose, that it strongly effects and even improves the process of self-development, as well as psychism in general. So, there is a germ of truth in it.

Speaking of my opinion, firstly, it would be better to answer the question whether an individual who doesn»t have any experience and knowledge in the art could be considered sophisticated in the modern society with its strict and moral standards. I guess it is almost impossible. From this perspective, everyone can agree, that art subjects are surely important for all students.

In conclusion, I»m going to mention, that we are all different. Opinions differ. We all have our own strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, therefore it»s senseless to say that everyone should devote themselves to art or science only. At the same time, living in the 21st century, it»s better to be educated, many-sided and maintain an open mind to reach goals. That»s it.

Сочинение на тему Об искусстве

Имеет смысл начать с того, что современные люди, в общем, любят поворчать. По их мнению, жизнь кажется слишком сложной и невыносимой. Тем не менее, они всегда лучше знают как сделать ее легче. Это одна из основных причин, почему в настоящее время бурно обсуждают. Сегодня, многие считают, что, например, предметы, связанные с искусством, являются бесполезными. Вот почему очень важно обратить внимание на эту любопытную тему, чтобы определить все преимущества и недостатки дисциплин по искусству.

Соглашаясь с данным утверждением, я бы хотел подчеркнуть, что в нашей повседневной жизни искусство не так востребовано и необходимо. На самом деле, мы способны прекрасно жить без него и быть вполне удовлетворенными. В добавок, люди могли бы сказать, что не у всех есть какие-либо выдающиеся навыки или врожденный талант к пению или танцам. Таким образом, эти люди всегда будут хуже остальных. Короче говоря, это повлияет на их самоуважение. А это вовсе не круто. Тем не менее, считается, что жизненно необходимо иметь представление о музыке и истории искусства. Люди полагают, что это оказывает сильное воздействие и даже способствует улучшению саморазвития, а также умственных способностей в целом. Итак, в этом есть доля правды.

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Методическая разработка русского языка в 8 классе » -описание ...

... сочинения- описания можно использовать прием олицетворения. __________________________________________________________ Чтобы описать предмет точно, подробно, необходимо уметь рассматривать предмет, ... описание, рассуждение Описание – описываются люди, предметы, ... описание нашей теме? ( Нет, здесь идет речь об игрушке вообще, а не о любимой). Перед вами на слайде план нашего сочинения - описания. ...

Беря во внимание мою мнение, сначала было бы лучше ответить на вопрос, может ли человек, не имеющий опыта и знаний в искусстве, считаться эрудированным в современном обществе с его строгими стандартами и моралью. Думаю, это почти невозможно. Исходя из этой точки зрения, каждый может согласиться с тем, что предметы искусства, безусловно, важны для всех учащихся.

В заключение, я хотел бы упомянуть, что мы все отличаемся. Cколько людей, столько и мнений. Также, у нас есть свои сильные и слабые стороны, и возможности, поэтому бессмысленно говорить, что каждый должен посвятить себя только искусству или науке. В то же время, в 21 веке лучше быть образованным, разносторонним и придерживаться широких взглядов, чтобы достичь целей. Вот так-то.